Surtil has as mission to help individuals, teams, companies and organizations to make clever and innovative decisions, making good use of a set of methodologies, tools and decision intelligence.

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Walter [at] Surtil.com
Deuzeldlaan 60, 2900 Schoten
KBC : BE89 7370 6060 9885
KBO : 0786.644.561
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Help customers make better decisions by
transcending the information lens.
Surtil stands for ‘Surmounting The Information Lens’.

This information lens, we create because we all miss direct and clear insights, due to the lack of easy access and smooth transit of information.
E.g. decision-makers are limited by the lack of data and contextual insights from the various stakeholders, such as the details of the work floor, the specificities of supplied raw materials and suppliers or the experience of the end user.


Through appropriate methods and tools, Surtil can provide the necessary or useful insights and information to take into account, and thus help with the important decisions and developments of business operations or the development of solutions.

Surtil focuses on three target groups:

companies, teams or business projects.
Provide methods, tools and insights from the information lens, which increases the chance of success of the decision makers in their product development, project or business.

Individual guidance.
The insights obtained through Surtil also apply to decisions about the individual life-course. Some adapted working methods help to make healthy and well-founded life choices on an individual basis that suit the individuality and personality. This helps e.g. to distance yourself from the burdens that occur while coping stress, overwork, burnout, wrong team dynamics, career choices and the like.

higher education.
There is often a strong focus on knowledge transfer, with special attention to theoretical or specialist approach. Providing the insights of the information lens and associated methods and tools – preferably before the start of the final trajectory such as an internship, thesis or research – can lift the student to a higher level. Surtil provides a range of seminars and workshops to provide the insights and tools of the information lens.

Surtil helps all target groups to take into account a broad view and different angles from stakeholders and context.
Supported by more than 35 years of experience within a wide variety of information projects in e.g. the different players of the supply chain and the food chain.

Past Experiences of Walter:

Systems Engineer @ IBM Belgium
(1985 – 1995)
Technical support for academic an governmental customers for hardware, operating systems, client/server and middleware.
Product focus on e.g. PC, RS/6000, Xenix, AIX, TCP/IP, MQSeries, …

Client Architect @ Microsoft BeNeLux
(1995 – 2008)
Project support for variety of enterprise customers and partners for server operating systems, middleware, application servers, application development and methodologies.
Focus on e.g. Microsoft Solutions Framework, VS.Net, Agile, DevOps, Enterprise Architecture.

Industry Architect @ IBM Belgium
(2008 – 2021)
Customer and ecosystem support for variety of enterprise projects and industry initiatives. Industry segments were Retail, FMCG, Distribution, Logistics, Agriculture, Manufacturing, Chemistry & Petroleum, Media.
Focus on e.g. SOA, SOMA, Enterprise Architecture, Cloud, DevOps, Microservices, RedHat, Blockchain, Design Thinking.
Focal point for IBM Blockchain solutions and ecosystems like e.g. Tradelens, Food Trust and FarmerConnect.