Bernard Haitink – The orchestral master in “magic of true leadership”

Next to information sciences, I’ve also a passion for orchestral music.
As such, I feel sad about the end of a living legend.
Luckily, the recordings will remain, and I had the pleasure to attend (at the BPO concert hall) his last performance of Bruckner 7 with the Berliner Philharmoniker.

Conductors have the great power of inspiring the common perormance of a group of individual artists.
As a musician in an orchestra’s, I had the opportunity to discover the importance and great variety in leadership different conductors show. In my personal opinion, the greatest challenge of conducting an orchestra is being able to lead and communicate to the orchestra in a very subtle and dynamic way, creating a concerted sound where the conductor has to be silent.

The RCO (Concergebouworkest) released some while ago the recordings of the Ammodo Conducting Masterclass with Iván Fischer. Everyone can experience now from a front seat the wonderful world of how orchestral music is being created by the conductor.In these 4 recordings, you can detect the marvelous maestro as mentor, helping 4 young professional to work with an orchestra and the score.As you watch, you will find the importance of minimal verbal communication, non-verbal signalling, intellectual and emotional honesty and much more.

It will also introduce you to the great variety of interpretations of orchestral music and even some orchestra jokes like: you’re a percussionist – so that is the problem / give this moment of glory to the viola’s / clarinets are always late / …

But most of it, have a look at these recordings to discover the nature of true inspirational leadership, how it allows professionals to create wonderful things, and enjoy.

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