future of work & self-determination theory

Self-determination theory has shaped our understanding of what optimizes worker
motivation by providing insights into how work context influences basic psychological needs for competence, autonomy and relatedness. As technological innovations change the nature of work, self-determination theory can provide insight into how the resulting uncertainty and interdependence might influence worker motivation, performance and well-being.
The Review summarizes what self-determination theory has brought to the domain of work and how it is helping researchers and practitioners to shape the future of work.
Also discussed: how technology transforms the design of work and its impact on worker motivation. The Review describes three cases where technology is affecting work design and examine how this might influence needs satisfaction and motivation: remote work, virtual teamwork and algorithmic management. An understanding of how future work is likely to influence the satisfaction of the psychological needs of workers and how future work can be designed to satisfy such needs is of the utmost importance to worker performance and well-being.

self-determination theory.
According to self-determination theory, satisfaction of three psychological needs (competence, autonomy and relatedness) influences work motivation, which influences outcomes. More intrinsic and internalized motivations are associated with more positive outcomes than extrinsic and less internalized motivations. These needs and motivations might be influenced by the increased uncertainty and interdependence that characterize the future of work.
The effects of algorithmic management on need satisfaction.
Summary of the features and consequences of algorithmic management on autonomy needs, relatedness needs and competence needs.

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