Article: Circles of dialogue of wisdom

Another open access article, worth reading for the approach taken to solve complex issues with stakeholders in different disciplines and cultures.

Breaking monologues in collaborative research: bridging knowledge systems through a listening-based dialogue of wisdom approach
Sustainability Science Vol.16(3), 2021

Circle of dialogue of wisdom, methodological framework

The urgent need to address the sustainability issues of the Anthropocene requires a dialogue capable of bridging different knowledge systems, values, and interests. This dialogue is considered one of the most crucial challenges in collaborative research approaches. With this research, we seek to break with monologues in collaborative research by offering a decolonising methodological approach that combines the notion of dialogue of wisdom, communication theories and ethical principles of Andean philosophy. The methodological framework, the circle of dialogue of wisdom, is the result of an iterative action–reflection process developed in a North–South collaborative research project for territorial planning in Bolivia.

Our praxis confirms the potentials offered by a listening-based dialogue for
– (i) dealing with knowledge–power relations in collaborative research projects,
– (ii) promoting mutual learning and knowledge co-creation between different knowledge systems,
– (iii) re-valuating local and Indigenous knowledge, and
– (iv) decolonising the society–science–policy dialogue.

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