Inquisitive but not discerning

Deprivation curiosity is associated with excessive openness to inaccurate information.

New psychology research reveals a dark side of curiosity states:
“highly deprivation curious people have an excessive openness to information. More deprivation curious people are more likely to see meaning in meaningless gibberish sentences, and they are more likely to entertain pretty blatant disinformation”.

“So if somebody thinks: ‘Wait a minute, I really identify with the description of a highly deprivation curious person — I have to finish every book I start, even the ones I don’t enjoy, and if I don’t know the answer to a knowledge question, I can’t let it go — but I am very humble and I would never share misinformation’ — then maybe one reason for that is that the person might also be very interest curious, and that could have a protective effect.”

The research paper is available on-line.

Epistemic curiosity has been linked to learning and innovation.
Interest curiosity is associated with knowledge, accuracy and discernment.
Deprivation curiosity is associated with errors, confusion and lack of humility.
Deprivation curious individuals fall for bullshit and fake news.

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