Rethinking Computational Approaches to the Mind

Rethinking Computational Approaches to the Mind

Fundamental Challenges and Future Perspectives

One-day Online Symposium
21st October 2022


This one-day online event will bring together researchers with expertise in various areas such as complexity science, machine learning & artificial intelligence, information theory & data science, as well as computational/theoretical neuroscience & philosophy to explore different computational approaches in the study of the “mind” (in brains and/or machines):

  1. What are those approaches essentially about?
  2. What are major benefits & caveats?
  3. Do different approaches speak to, complement, or contradict each other?
  4. What are the current challenges in computational approaches to understand the mind, and what could bring progress?

The event is organized within the “Sensation and Perception to Awareness: Leverhulme Doctoral Scholarship Programme” at the Univeristy of Sussex (find more info here), and will comprise a set of talks followed by a panel discussion (see schedule).

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