Statistics: Are you Bayesian or Frequentist?

Cats bring success – they are ket part of the internet traffic and enjoyment.

So let me show a great pic:

Why these cat pics? On the left, it’s all about perspective. On the right, it’s all about quantities that don’t move around. But mostly, I needed something to shield your eye from the spoilers below until you’ve seen the video.

The real purpose of the cats-pics (delivered by a dog person) is the great video and article from Cassie Kozyrkov

What is the difference between Bayesian and Frequentist statistics?
(demonstrated with one single coin toss)

“There’s no probability about it. I may not know the answer, but that doesn’t change the fact that if the coin is heads up, the probability is 100%, and if the coin is tails up, the probability is 0%.”“For me, the probability is 50%! For you, it’s whatever it is for you.”
it makes sense to talk about your method’s quality and “getting the answer right”intuitive definitions, e.g. credible intervals are what you wish confidence intervals were (but aren’t!)
The parameter is not random variable.The parameter is random variable.
the core concepts are harder to wrap your head around (e.g. p-values and confidence intervals have counter-intuitive, wordy definitions) and lazy thinkers make a hash out of them lose the ability to talk about any notion of “right answers” and “method quality” — there’s no such thing as statistically significant or rejecting the null. There’s only “more likely” and “less likely” …from your perspective.

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