“Nocebo” calls for vaccination side effects.

Most of the side effects that people experience after a COVID-19 vaccination can be blamed on the ‘nocebo’ effect. The nocebo effect is like the evil twin of the placebo effect — for example, it heightens pain if a person anticipates that something will hurt. Researchers reviewed 12 randomized clinical trials of COVID-19 vaccines and found that the nocebo effect accounted for 76% of common adverse reactions, such as headache and fatigue, after the first dose. The researchers argue that telling people about the effect might reduce the worries that make some hesitant to get vaccinated. “Most researchers argue that patients should be told less about side effects to reduce their anxiety,” says placebo researcher and senior author Ted Kaptchuk. “I think this is wrong. Honesty is the way to go.”

Nocebo or placebo ?

One response to “ “Nocebo” calls for vaccination side effects.”

  1. Disappointment is really horrible to experience, but actually it’s helping to tell you that the goal that you were trying to achieve really mattered, and that maybe you can learn something from your failure. What the research shows is that people who do that, who have a more accepting attitude to negative feelings and who see meaning in their negative feelings, they actually show a lot better kind of mental health and physical health. Placebo and nocebo are very powerful and we should remember about this! Go and grab a good lecture about this – net-bossorg/the-power-of-the-placebo-effect-by-randy-baker


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